Introduction to JSST

JSST, The Japan Society for Simulation Technology, was established under its present name in 1981. It was originally created as the Society of Analog Technology of Japan in 1961 by about 150 engineers and scientists who were interested in analog computers.

The establishment of the Society was therefore originally intended to form a forum for the exchange of the information about the analog computer technology and its applications. With the advent of the digital computers, which was becoming an important tool for the simulation and widening the field of the applications, and with the increase of the number of the members, the Society was renamed to the present one.

The JSST is the registered society , recognized by the Science Council of Japan. There are about 450 active members including the corporate and student members. The members of the Society come from both industry and academia, who are not only simulation engineers and scientists for system analysis and modeling, simulation language, process simulation, traffic and environmental simulation, but also those for the numerical or computational simulation.

The JSST provides a forum for the exchange and the dissemination of the information of the wide-spread topics of simulation technology from hard ware to soft ware, which includes the following activities:

  1. Publications (in Japanese)
    The JSST publishes the quarterly journal [Simulation], which counts 32th volume this year. It contains the explanation articles and news on the hot topics relating to the simulation technology as well as the reviewed papers of original contribution. One proceeding of the Simulation Technology Conference is annually published.
  2. Meetings
    The JSST provides annual meetings:
    International Conference on Simulation Technology
  3. Exchange of the Information and the Cooperation with Oversea Societies
    The JSST has an agreement with EUROSIM to strengthen the relation. The JSST is now a cooperating society for IMACS. The JSST has a close contact with KSS (Korean Simulation Society), and CASS (Chinese Association for System Simulation) and the joint-international conferences are planned.

The JSST is co-sponsoring the national and international conferences and symposia. Under the auspices of the Society, some research committee meetings are regularly operated on the specialized topics which include the accuracy-guaranteed simulation technique and automatic design of the multi-dimensional mobile information network.

The membership is encouraged to apply, though the instruction of the Society is japanese.

President: Takuro Sato

c/o Japan Society for Simulation Technology(JSST) Secretariat
Tenjincho 78, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0808 Japan
Tel : +81 (3) 3235-2150 Fax : +81 (3) 3268-3057