International Conference JSST 2010

International Conference JSST 2010, which is sponsored by Japan Society for Simulation Technology (JSST) and cosponsored by Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering, will be held to explore challenges in methodologies for modeling, control and computation in simulation and their applications in various fields including social, economic and financial as well as already established scientific and engineering solutions.


The international conference JSST 2010 is combined with the 29th JSST annual conference. For selected papers, the conference makes official recommendation to be re-submitted to one of the following journals:

  • International Journal of Simulation Technology (IJST) (in English)
    NEWS: The first issue of IJST will appear in the spring of the year 2011.
  • Transaction of the Japan Society for Simulation Technology
    (in Japanese)


Artificial Intelligence, Brain Science, Computational Engineering, Evolutionary Computation, Financial Engineering, Fluidics; Fuzzy Control, Genetic Algorithms, Innovative Computations, Management Simulation, Micro Machines, Mobile Vehicle, Monte Carlo Simulation, Neural Networks, Neurocomputers, Numerical Simulation, Risk Handling, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Visualization, Other Related Fields.


General Chair:
Tatsuo KITAJIMA (Yamagata Univ.),
Steering Chairs: Tatsuo KITAJIMA (Yamagata Univ.),
Kenji INOUE (Yamagata Univ.),
Program Chair: Kenji INOUE (Yamagata Univ.)

Governing Board (in alphabetic order):
Noriyuki KOMINE (Tokai Univ.),
Hiroshi HASEGAWA (Shibaura Inst. of Tech.),
Kyoko HASEGAWA (Ritsumeikan Univ.),
Kenji INOUE (Yamagata Univ.),
Tatsuo KITAJIMA (Yamagata Univ.),
Koji KOYAMADA (Kyoto Univ.),
Mitsunori MAKINO (Chuo Univ.),
Shin'ichi OISHI (Waseda Univ.),
Osamu ONO (Meiji Univ.),
Naohisa SAKAMOTO (Kyoto Univ.)
Satoshi TANAKA (Ritsumeikan Univ.),
Kuniaki YABE (Tokyo Electric Power Co.),
Ken YAMAZAKI (Nihon Univ.)

Local Organizing Committee (Yamagata Univ.):
Takao AKIYAMA, Yuichi ARIGA, Zhonggang FENG,
Tadanori FUKAMI, Kuniyuki HATORI, Yukio HIRANAKA,
Atsushi KAMITANI, Tsutomu KANEKO, Siu KANG,
Takehito KIKUCHI, Makoto KINOUCHI, Tadashi KOSAWADA,
Akio KOYAMA, Shigeru KUBOTA, Suwoong LEE,
Kyuichi NIIZEKI, Shigenori OKUBO, Tadashi SAITOH,
Manabu SATO, Riichiro TADAKUMA, Atsushi TANAKA,
Michio YOKOYAMA, Tetsuya YUASA
( * : Yamagata College of Industry and Technology)

Greetings from JSST President and General Chair of JSST 2010

On behalf of the Conference Organization Committee, it is our pleasure to welcome you all to the Japan Society for Simulation Technology 2010 in Yamagata beside the University of Yamagata.

Internationalized JSST 2010 is a renamed annual domestic conference organized Japan Society for Simulation Technology. In the previous year 2009 we has provided successful Asia Simulation Conference at the Ritumeikan University for scientists, academicians, and professionals from all around the Asia to present their latest and exiting research in the various fields of modeling, simulation, and their applications.

In the Japan Society for Simulation Technology 2010 (JSST 2010) in Yamagata we have over about 100 high– quality papers have been selected for the presentations. The conference will be held to explore challenges in methodologies for modeling, visualization, control and computation in simulation, and their applications in various fields including social, economic, and financial as well as already established scientific and engineering solutions. And also it includes keynote speeches presented by technology and industry leaders, technical sessions, organized sessions, as well as vendor exhibits.

Because of the conference’s success being mainly from the results of many individual contributions, then We would like to thank all authors, program committee members, session chairs, and all other participants. Especially, our cordial thanks to the organizing committee members of the University of Yamagata should be presented for their excellent effort and sacrifice in the very short and concentrated period of time.

The University of Yamagata will provide excellent meeting facilities and comfortable settings to exchange your research ideas. We invite all of you to enjoy the conference and hope your stay will be fruitful and memorable in the historical and beautiful city of Yonezawa.

Prof. Dr. Osamu Ono
JSST President
Prof. Dr. Tatsuo Kitajima
General Chair of JSST 2010

Osamu Ono (JSST President)
Tatsuo KITAJIMA (General Chair of JSST 2010)